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The Freedom To Be Free

Freedom is a great thing. A person can say something to get people all fired up at a moment’s notice. And isn’t it fun to get noticed? There is only one God, and his name is Jesus. I’m tired of … Continue reading

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GDC 189: “Catechesis for the disabled and the handicapped”

After treating catechesis for different ages in Chapter II of Part Four, we will focus the next four posts on the four sections of a very brief Chapter III, Catechesis for special situations, mentalities and environments. Regarding “the disabled and the … Continue reading

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Cleaning Cruets

Our diocesan liturgy director provided some helpful instructions on getting “cloudy” glass vessels looking spiffy for Easter. You will need vinegar, ammonia, dish soap, and a denture-cleaning tablet. Fill the empty cruet with vinegar or ammonia, and let it sit … Continue reading

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GIRM 364-365: Choice of Eucharistic Prayers

One area of liturgical planning is still in the hands of the clergy. Choose well: 364. The numerous Prefaces with which the Roman Missal is endowed have as their purpose to bring out more fully the motives for thanksgiving within … Continue reading

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