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Funeral Lectionary: Romans 5:17-21

Continuing with Saint Paul’s Gospel of Hope (Romans 5-8), the Church gives us the second half of a comparison of two traditions. It’s not explicit in just this pericope, but the “one person” is Adam (See Romans 5:12-16). Or the joint transgression … Continue reading

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Maciel’s Shadow

Much is being made of the pope not meeting with Mexican abuse victims. Patricio Cerda, who works with victims, strikes a pessimistic tone: In my opinion it is sad, on the one hand, because Benedict XVI is expected to be … Continue reading

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Holy God and Holy Saints

I had a method to my madness on this music poll. Honest. But with this week’s crash, I know I wasn’t able to construct the brackets totally from memory. A seasonal song or two was dropped, and I looked at … Continue reading

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Stations of the King’s Cross

Clever. Artistic. Not a Harry Potter thing at all. Read up on the Herald feature here. Then visit the anonymous artist’s site to explore Stations of the King’s Cross a bit further. From the artist: It would be great if the wonder … Continue reading

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GDC 191: “Catechesis for different groups”

When the Church speaks of “different groups,” it does not mean self-selected church groupings. Let’s read this brief section: 191. Catechesis, today, is confronted by subjects who, because of professional training or more broadly cultural formation, require special programmes. These … Continue reading

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