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Lies, Darned Lies, and Abductions

I attended an Iowa campus ministers’ meeting today. One of the points touched on was the value of mentoring young people. Young people in ministry have a fire and a drive. They want to do great things, and sometimes the … Continue reading

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Precious and Pescador

Two songs with different pedigrees: gospel and Spanish folk. Our third consecutive 5 versus 12 match-up. “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” was reportedly the favorite hymn of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. It has some recognition in mainstream Catholic circles, … Continue reading

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GDC 195-196: “Catechesis and popular devotion”

These two sections fall under the heading of “Catechesis and popular devotion,” referenced in previous documents: the General Catechetical Directory 6; Evangelii Nuntiandi 48; and Catechesi Tradendae 54. I’ll let you read through the sections, then I’ll offer a concern or … Continue reading

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Hypervelocity Planets

An illustration of human willful ignorance of the vastness of space. This Universe Today piece titled “Can ‘Warp Speed’ Planets Zoom Through Interstellar Space?” Astronomer Avi Loeb: These warp-speed planets would be some of the fastest objects in our Galaxy. … Continue reading

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GIRM 379-381: Masses for the Dead

Catholics do foster that connection with the dead. It’s a good thing for those on Earth, as it affords a ministry of comfort and reflection. 379. The Church offers the Eucharistic Sacrifice of Christ’s Pasch for the dead so that, … Continue reading

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