GDC 199: “Catechesis in relation to Judaism”

Relevant documents contributing to this section would be Nostra Aetate, especially section 4. Also of note is the Secretariat for Christian Unity’s Commission for religious relations with Judaism’s 1985 document, Jews and Judaism in Catholic preaching and catechesis.  The former document is quite brief and the latter’s not too much longer. Those with questions (SSPX?) might want to consider the wisdom there.

199. Special attention needs to be given to catechesis in relation to the Jewish religion. (Nostra Aetate, Segretariat for Christian Unity, Commission for religious relations with Judaism, Jews and Judaism in Catholic preaching and catechesis 24 june 1985) Indeed “when she delves into her own mystery, the Church, the People of God in the New Covenant, discovers her links with the Jewish People, the first to hear the word of God”. (Catechism 839)

“Religious instruction, catechesis, and preaching should not form only towards objectivity, justice and tolerance but also in understanding and dialogue. Both of our traditions are too closely related to be able to ignore each other. It is necessary to encourage a reciprocal consciousness at all levels”. (Jews and Judaism in Catholic preaching and Catechesis, n. VII) In particular, an objective of catechesis should be to overcome every form of anti-semitism. (Cf. Nostra Aetate 4)

Overcoming anti-semitism is indeed a matter for catechesis–at least as much as moral correction is indispensible to the formation of a believer.

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