GIRM 386: Adaptations

Chapter IX, the last chapter of the GIRM begins:

386. The renewal of the Roman Missal carried out in our time in accordance with the decrees of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council has taken great care that all the faithful may display in the celebration of the Eucharist that full, conscious, and active participation that is required by the very nature of the Liturgy and to which the faithful, in virtue of their status as such, have a right and duty.[Cf. Sacrosanctum Concilium 14]

However, in order that such a celebration may correspond all the more fully to the norms and the spirit of the Sacred Liturgy, certain further adaptations are set out in this Instruction and in the Order of Mass and entrusted to the judgment either of the Diocesan Bishop or of the Conferences of Bishops.

Participation again. Note how it is described as an invitation. All the faithful are invited, and while we know not everyone will respond, it is the duty of the clergy and other ministers to provide and maintain that space for participation. Even if nobody opts in.

These adaptations will align with post-conciliar documentation, especially Varietates Legitimae, blogged about here.

After this, only nine more posts to go on the GIRM. Any idea what to tackle next?

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