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Funeral Lectionary: Romans 6:3-9

A frequent choice for funerals is the Easter Vigil reading from Romans: Are you unaware that we who were baptized into Christ Jesus   were baptized into his death? We were indeed buried with him through baptism into death,   … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Ready With Violet Veils?

I was thinking last week that I really need to take a jug of iced tea on a sunny day, sit in my backyard, and read MR3 through cover to cover. Anybody done that yet? The reading of the MR3, … Continue reading

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One Bread, Two Eyes

John Foley’s entry in the dance, “One Bread, One Body,” dates to the late 1970’s. Arguably the most musically experienced of the St Louis Jesuits, Foley had the greatest variety of compositions of his Jesuit brothers in the 1970’s: organ … Continue reading

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Blame The Light

I like Fr William Grimm’s commentary on UCA News this week, criticizing the cool response to charges of corruption in Vatican departments. Not one of Fr Federico Lombardi’s better moments: (Leaks) create confusion and bewilderment, showing the Vatican and the … Continue reading

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Italian Catholics Get OCF 2

I’m surprised that the Italians have had to wait forty years for a second edition of the funeral rites. What are listed at the link as innovations: a home visit, closing the coffin, texts for different situations of the deceased, … Continue reading

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GDC 205: The need for and criteria of evaluation

How to evaluate inculturation in catechesis? Very carefully, and with an eye toward a full and honest presentation of the Christian faith: 205. In the evaluation phase, particularly in cases of initial attempts or experimentation, careful attention must always be … Continue reading

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GIRM 395-396: Deeper Adaptations

In the instance where a conference of bishops deems it needful to permit deeper adaptations of the Mass, the matter is referred to the CDWDS, and a careful set of procedures engaged: 395. Finally, if the participation of the faithful … Continue reading

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