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Navitity And Resurrection

It’s appropriate for the Easter season to have a solid post-conciliar favorite, possibly the most well-known setting of the Bread of Life discourse ever penned. By the “luck” of the draw, Sr Suzanne Toolan’s Eucharistic song is paired against what … Continue reading

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Sacra Tridentina 2: Frequent Communion Is A Necessity

In laying the foundation for the argument to come, Pope Pius X and his curia lean on the witness of the Gospels, both John 6 (the Bread of Life discourse) and the Lord’s Prayer: This wish of the Council fully conforms … Continue reading

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GDC 213: Tasks of the local Churches

 An interesting idealism is presented here, on a topic that will later be taken up in Part V, chapter 4. 213. Inculturation is a task for the particular churches and is referred to by all areas of the Christian life. Precisely … Continue reading

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