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Douthat’s Easy Answers, But Maybe Wrong

Daniel Burke at RNS interviews conservative darling Ross Douthat on his new book about heretics. I hesitate to take on a critic’s role just from skewering an interview. But hey: a promotional piece like this determines whether or not I … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Luke 24:13-35

The account of the two disciples encountering the Lord on the road to Emmaus is rich and much loved. I tend to think of it more as a metaphor for the Eucharistic liturgy, an exploration by the early disciples of … Continue reading

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Easter Octave Happenings

Some of you know that the Easter Sequence can be used at Masses for the first week of Easter. At our Thursday night student Mass, a request came down to sing it. The student leader was unfamiliar with the plainsong, … Continue reading

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Thumping Trustees, Not Bibles

By now, I should be used to stories like this. The deletion of free Bibles from public schools, and the almost-required Christian bile hurled in the way of those-who-dare-to-question. If my daughter had attended a public school in fifth grade, … Continue reading

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Sacra Tridentina Declarations 5-9: Supporting Frequent Communion

The final five declarations of Pope Pius X and his council are aimed at supporting this “new” initiative. Confessors have their part to play: 5. That the practice of frequent and daily Communion may be carried out with greater prudence … Continue reading

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GDC 222-223: “The Bishop has primary responsibility for catechesis in the particular Church”

Two heavily footnoted sections are careful to describe the catechetical ministry of a bishop: 222. The Second Vatican Council gave much importance to the proclamation and transmission of the Gospel in the episcopal ministry. “Among the principal duties of Bishops, … Continue reading

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Christmas and the Cross

You have an interesting choice for this eight-nine pairing today: possibly the most programmed English-language congregational hymn on December 25th (but it can do double duty in Latin) and a sequence which finds most of its voice outside the Eucharistic … Continue reading

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