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Angels and Christians

Today, you get a choice between two very unlike songs. One is a survivor from the 60’s, and still finds its way into hymnals and other resources two generations later. The other is most familiar as an art song. Let’s … Continue reading

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Quam Singulari 1-3: Care For Children

Liam is right. The 1905 document Sacra Tridentina¬†and the one we will begin to examine with this post, Quam Singulari, will likely outstrip the First Vatican Council in terms of impact and importance on the liturgical and spiritual life of … Continue reading

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GDC 224-225: “Priests, pastors and educators of the Christian community”

In the previous two sections, we looked briefly at the role of bishops in catechesis. In today’s two sections, the Church considers the role of the parish priest: 224. The function proper to the presbyterate in the catechetical task arises … Continue reading

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