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Holy and Holies

Two organ hymns face off. Technically, we’ve already polled Salve Regina, the Latin original for the tenth seeded “Hail Holy Queen.” But many Catholics probably don’t realize the connection of this much-loved hymn with the Marian antiphon sung at the … Continue reading

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Quam Singulari 4-6: Lateran IV to Trent to 1910

Let’s review the Church’s view of the history of Communion in the High Middle Ages. Clearly, a degree of rationalism predated the Enlightenment, as reason and knowledge were judged to be proper prerequisites for the reception of Communion. In the … Continue reading

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GDC 226-227: “Parents, primary educators of their children”

The note on GDC’s title, “Parents, primary educators of their children,” references¬†“chapter 3 of this Part, The family as an environment or means of growth in the faith, where the characteristics of family catechesis are analysed; here, more consideration is … Continue reading

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Humbug On Kirk Cameron’s Exceptionalism

RNS has a feature on Kirk Cameron, describing the direction his life has taken since being born again. I know he’s been making Christian movies since his child actor days. It’s got to be a better life choice than substance … Continue reading

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