An Iowa Bishop Does Good

Good sense from one of our Iowa bishops:

All restrictions should be systematically examined and eliminated so that the complete abolition of the embargo and its harmful effects can be achieved. These burdens are not borne by the members of the Cuban governing elite, but rather by the ‘ordinary’ Cuban and especially by the weakest members of that society.

Indeed. Not to mention that Communism is still holding on doggedly in two of the nations the US sternly opposed in the middle of the last century. Korea was fought to a standstill. And even after the missiles were taken out of Cuba, we still couldn’t dislodge a dictator. Plus their health care system is probably better than ours. Havana might have had an MLB team by now. That would have been interesting.

Getting back to the weakest members. Those members have children, and young people have long memories. No need for the US to be bullying children in a small country in our backyard at all. I hope Mrs Clinton listens to this and talks the president into some movement on this. If he were a real liberal, this embargo would have been lifted three years ago.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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