Call In The Police, The Saints

More from the Catholic culturecivilwar, the LCWR conference continues as scheduled. The Catholic Right can continue in glee poking at the conference speakers and topics. That will keep the stovetop temperature high. Maybe they’ll have a hissy like Chinese police who let their favorite Nobel Peace nominee get away. Somehow I doubt the sisters will come out with long knives if some enterprising orthodox(TM) Catholics try to capture stuff for YouTube.

I predict the LCWR crackdown will be substantially downplayed by the GOP US bishops who have another witch hunt political campaign on their hands these days. And while some are calling on the spirit of John Fisher and Thomas More to assist them in ejecting an American priesident from office, I see someone else is putting the LCWR under the banner of Mary. I wonder how the saints in heaven feel about being used as pawns in political discussions down on the planet. What’s the political anthem for the day? I hope it’s “When The Saints Go Marching Out.”

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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