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For Many Germans, Consider Other Sheep

The Tablet reports that Pope Benedict has ordered German bishops pray “for many” not “for all” in the German translation of the Eucharistic Prayer. The Pope said he was writing “to avoid a split” in the Church after (German Bishops … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: A Ritual Skip

This is one for the clergy in the reading audience, mainly. But anyone, feel free to chime in. At the end of the preparation rites, just before the preface dialogue, the musician(s) wake up (or sleep walk) and start up … Continue reading

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Sonata at Night

I enjoyed reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s well-regarded Never Let Me Go a number of years ago. I wasn’t up for a novel the other week, but this collection of his, Nocturnes, struck me for two reasons. First, the subtitle of “Five … Continue reading

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A Difficult Choice

Here’s a difficult choice for Catholics: Mary or the Eucharist. Be consoled we never have to give up one or the other. This is just a playful polling exercise. Two more NPM top-25 selections. Number 10 Ave Maria (fix your favorite … Continue reading

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RDCA I, 4-6: Participation, Marking an Altar

Let’s continue with chapter one of the RDCA (Rite of Dedication of a Church and an Altar), Laying the Foundation Stone or Beginning Work on the Building of a Church. Participation of the community is a prime concern. As we read yesterday, … Continue reading

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GDC 240-241: “The biblico-theological formation of the catechist”

Any formation for catechists that focuses on the Scriptures and theology is, by nature, Christo-centric: 240. Besides being a witness, the catechist must also be a teacher who teaches the faith. A biblico-theological formation should afford the catechist an organic … Continue reading

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