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RDCA II, 31-32: Procession to the Church

We left off yesterday with the bishop’s brief instruction/homily at the procession start site. The 2003 ICEL draft text offers few changes from the official version here: 31. When he has finished addressing the people, the Bishop receives the miter and pastoral … Continue reading

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Green Final: Ubi Christmas?

Most of the Dance has landed on a purple, white, or even a red liturgical day. This week, the “green” songs are “at home.” Seasonal fare has done quite well in the Dance thus far. Let’s see how a beloved … Continue reading

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Catholic Discouragement, And Where To Swim From Here

Do not put your trust in princes, in mortals, in whom there is no help. When their breath departs, they return to the earth; on that very day their plans perish. (Psalm 146:3-4, NRSV) My more careful readers know that … Continue reading

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A Small Legal Adjustment

Bishop Finn appoints away some episcopal authority. Or does he? In the old days (of JPII) it was Rome who appointed co-adjutors to ride to the rescue. In the 21st century, I guess this is left to western bishops to … Continue reading

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Rock Musician At The Keyboard

Indie rock musician finds himself in a church gig in Australia. I was thinking about that scene in The Commitments when a little Procol Harum breaks out at practice. The folks at St Kevin’s, Bangalow have that covered: Shortly after … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 29-30: The Procession Assembles Itself

In describing options, the Roman Rite is careful to give the local Church needful choices. Liturgical options are not given for the convenience or personal taste of the ministers, but for the pastoral benefit of the people. The option that … Continue reading

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White Final: Easter vs Christmas

This is an interesting pairing, matching up the #1 Easter and Christmas songs of some of the English-speaking world. I remember before I was baptized asking my mom which was a bigger holiday, Christmas or Easter. The latter, my Baptist … Continue reading

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A House Safe From Fear?

They say to God, ‘Leave us alone! We do not desire to know your ways. What is the Almighty, that we should serve him? And what profit do we get if we pray to him?’ Is not their prosperity indeed … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 28: Entrance, Three Forms

The Rite of Dedication of a Church forms the liturgical core of this whole document. In Chapter Two, we’ll look at numbered sections 28 through 85 to review the rubrics and ritual texts. The introductory rites (28-52) cover a lot … Continue reading

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Violet Final: Veni, Veni

Let’s get down to our Faithful Four, shall we? Time to settle the Violet Regional Finals with the lowest two remaining seeds in the Eternal  Eight. A wintry pop style with the Latin lyrics here. The Holy Father probably prefers … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: John 11:17-27

The Gospel of John provides so many possibilities for the Christian funeral. If the mourning community likes a story, why not select excerpts from the raising of Lazarus? Today’s passage highlights the conversation of the Lord with Martha of Bethany. … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Becoming Who You Are

The past few days I’ve been enjoying an “old” book of James Martin, SJ. I showed it to my wife, and she said, “Ah, that was excellent. I read that last year.” She also chided me a number of months … Continue reading

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What’s Ahead

Posting may be light the next three days. The young miss is done with school, and we have a triduum of birthday celebration (the sweet 16th, God help me) ahead of us this weekend. I’ll resume posting on the RDCA … Continue reading

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Police Adventures

The downfall of the 1%: no gratitude. This is like a Clue result: It was Butler Brown, in private chambers, with a cell phone camera. Actually, the dude’s name is Paolo Gabriele. Early news reports today declined to say where … Continue reading

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What’s For Lunch

The young miss finishes up her last final exams today. Summer vacation beckons. She’ll be getting home in an hour or so. Algebra is hard work, so we have a little chicken korma and fruit-flavored rice prepared to start the … Continue reading

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