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Old West Bishops Ride To The PR Rescue

CNS has the story on those southwestern US bishops whose every-five-seven-or-so-years meetings in Rome coincided with the CDF crackdown on LCWR. Bishop Kicanas makes nice, and makes the CDF seem nice too:  (The CDF expressed) the profound respect they have … Continue reading

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RDCA I, 15-17: Second Form, Station at the Construction Site of the New Church

Form two involves a single liturgical station at the construction site, no procession. The outline: B. Second Form: Station at the Construction Site of the New Church Acclamation or Song Greeting Brief Instruction Prayer The rubric for number 15: If … Continue reading

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Holy God, Immaculate Mary

Today’s fresh poll: Neither of these songs were in any danger of first-round elimination, “Immaculate Mary” 19-4, and “Holy God” 23-4. How will these traditional hymns fare against each other?

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The Armchair Liturgist Celebrates Immaculate Conception on Saturday

Spending a chunk of office time earlier today setting up the liturgical schedule on the parish calendar, I noted that the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception falls on Saturday. In my parish, this puts us in a bit of a … Continue reading

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GDC 244-245: Pedagogical formation

How does one become an excellent teacher? This is the question that moves the formation of catechists from the sciences into a realm that might more accurately be described as a craft. Or an artform. 244. Together with those dimensions … Continue reading

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