RDCA I, 15-17: Second Form, Station at the Construction Site of the New Church

Form two involves a single liturgical station at the construction site, no procession. The outline:

B. Second Form: Station at the Construction Site of the New Church

  • Acclamation or Song
  • Greeting
  • Brief Instruction
  • Prayer

The rubric for number 15:

If the procession cannot take place or seems inappropriate, the people assemble at the construction site of the new church.

The choice of form would seem to leave a strong bias in favor of a procession + cornerstone possibility.

An acclamation is given for the people  in this form:

Eternal peace be yours.
Let the Father’s peace unite you in his love.

Abiding peace be yours.
Let the Word be peace to those who bear his name.

Lasting peace be yours.
Let the Spirit’s peace comfort all the world.

Then the bishop greets the people exactly as  in I, 11, gives a brief instruction as in I, 12, and concludes the introductory rite with a prayer, as in I, 13.

Let’s get back to that acclamation. I have never seen a musical setting of this anywhere, not even in ICEL’s Resource Collection from the 1980’s. What about you? Curious that without a procession, the choice is switched from psalmody to a non-Scriptural form. What do you think?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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