RDCA I, 18-21: Readings and Psalmody

There is a fairly ample selection of readings in the Lectionary for Mass for the Dedication of a Church. “One or more relevant passages” are proclaimed. (I, 18) Some might be more appropriate for the laying of a foundation stone than others. Number 19 gives these suggestions:

  • 1 Kings 5:2-18 (watch the variations in numeration between the Hebrew and Vulgate; the actual passage on Solomon’s construction of the Temple starts here.)
  • Isaiah 28:16-17, the cornerstone in Zion
  • Acts 4:8-12, Peter preaching Christ in response to the Temple healing
  • 1 Corinthians 10:1-6. Paul recounts Christ, the spiritual rock

Section 20 offers five psalms with antiphons you don’t see in the Sunday Lectionary:

  • “I have chosen and sanctified this place” with Psalm 24, the Lord enters the gates
  • “Lord, may your truth lead me to your holy mountain” with Psalm 4243, pilgrimage to Jerusalem
  • “The city of God is founded on the holy mountain” with Psalm 87, foundation in Zion
  • “I will make my dwelling place among the people” with Psalm 100, enter the Temple with thanksgiving
  • “There is no other¬†foundation than Christ Jesus” with Psalm 118, the stone rejected …

“Another appropriate song” is possible here, but these five are all good choices of texts. These particular antiphons are rather difficult to locate, given the infrequency of this rite.

Four choices for the Gospel in I, 21:


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