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Cardinal Red, Hot

Irish theologian and Joseph Ratzinger protege Vincent Twomey thinks the Primate of All Ireland should resign. Ireland’s Deputy PM too. Is it safe for Cardinal Brady to get kicked up into Rome? The Law seat is no longer open. But … Continue reading

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RDCA I, 26-29: Blessing and Laying the Foundation Stone

This ritual is not required, but if celebrated, follows the blessing of the site. If this option is skipped, the rite proceeds to the conclusion (I, 26). The red-n-black (27-29): 27. The bishop goes to the place where the foundation … Continue reading

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GDC 253-254: “The Christian community is a home for catechesis”

Part Five’s┬áChapter III covers twelve numbered sections, through GDC 264. In today’s post and those that will follow this week, we’ll look at where and how catechesis is conducted. First, is the Christian community, and the title of this section … Continue reading

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CDF >>> CPF? It’s The Law

Grant Gallicho at dotCommonweal notes that The Tablet and Chiesa have scooped John Allen (not to mention Rocco Palmo) on the brains (or lack thereof) behind the LCWR witch hunt. Is this Bernard Law’s long distance middle finger to Catholics … Continue reading

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