Come Holy Ghost, Be Not Afraid

Two number-one seeds (courtesy of NPM’s top-four) are already eliminated. Don’t be afraid of today’s polling, maybe another one is in danger:

The Pentecost hymn needed “overtime” to outpoll “Adoro Te Devote.” Will this traditional hymn have an easier time with the second of two top-four settings of Isaiah 43?

Despite its popularity, “Be Not Afraid” is not a favorite of some music directors. A lot of musicians fuss about the sixteenth-notes as written in the score. Few people do them as indicated. This piece has evolved since Bob Dufford sang verses one and two solo and the people came in on the antiphon. Despite what the composer may think about it, I’d say the people in the pews have made this their own–with eighth notes. The SLJ’s always said their music (at least their early music) was liturgy-tested before going to press. I’d say the through-sung piece is how Christians have determined this will be sung.

I think there was a comment or two about the tempo and style of “Come Holy Ghost” on the first round polling. This is the tempo I’d prefer to play.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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