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God Speaks Today

Cleaning things out, one of my staff colleagues unearthed an old Bible. She gave it to me. What do you think of it? Looking at the illustrations within, it reminded me of the Good News Bible. I may be able … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: 1 Corinthians 15:20-24a, 25-28

The funeral Lectionary includes two passages from Saint Paul’s fifteenth chapter of First Corinthians. In this chapter, the apostle addresses the Christian belief in the Resurrection in three stages. First, he teaches on Christ (15:1-11). Next, he addresses the skepticism … Continue reading

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Adding It Up In The Blogosphere

I’ve been seen a few¬†disclaimers on advertising in the Catholic blogosphere. I feel a combination of amusement and sympathy. The latter because I write for pay and I also write a blog, but I’ve mostly managed to avoid the combination … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 11: Three Forms and Two Rituals

There are three forms of entrance into the Church: 11. The rite of the dedication begins with the entrance into the church; this may take place in one of the three following ways; the one best suited to the circumstances … Continue reading

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GDC 268-269: Inter-diocesan and National Considerations

Let’s review the GDC’s very quick take on cooperation between dioceses and the role of the national conference of bishops: Services of inter-diocesan co-operation 268. This co-operation is extremely fruitful in our time. Shared catechetical endeavour is advisable not only … Continue reading

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