God Speaks Today

Cleaning things out, one of my staff colleagues unearthed an old Bible. She gave it to me. What do you think of it?

Looking at the illustrations within, it reminded me of the Good News Bible. I may be able to translate the cover of the Bible these days, but I doubt I would be anywhere near skilled enough to differentiate between the Spanish equivalents of the NRSV and the TEV. I suppose by their footnotes you will know them.

Before the Spring semester was over, I met with each of three peer ministers I will be supervising next academic year. It was a bit embarrassing with Jessica, as I had to apologize and say, “When you plan prayer for our meetings next Fall, don’t do what I’m about to do: scramble to find a Bible and pull a passage out of my hat.” I didn’t even have an English-language Bible in my office that day. I did have a Nuevo Testamento, so we turned to a familiar passage, Colosenses 3:12-17. I’d quote it for you, but I can’t find the translation anywhere online. Jessica is quite fluent in Spanish, so I gave her 12-15, and I stumbled through 16-17, much slower and less lyrically. After catching a few minutes of fútbol and the occasional telenovela, it’s rather nice to have something substantive.

God speaks today, I guess.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to God Speaks Today

  1. John Donaghy says:

    There should be a few more copies of that bible at STA.
    When I was beginning Spanish I used that translation since it’s very simple, like the TEV. It really helped me since I’d read the English Gospel of the day first and then the Spanish.
    Now I normally use the Latin American Bible translation since it’s more commonly used here. But I remember using that translation and the joy of learning a language while praying.

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