Yo Conto Count

One of my favorite greetings to our 17-year-old cat is, “I count on Count.”

Mi gato bello. People who meet him think he’s female, but he’s always been a “man’s cat,” as my wife says.

Lately, he’s been spending a lot of time on the computer hutch:

My wife is starting to worry about him. He cries to get attention. He seems to have lost a bit of body mass. But he still has a healthy appetite and he purrs loudly when petted or groomed. He’s begun to eliminate around the upstairs of the house, rather than use the litter boxes in the basement. But he’s still rather spry, and will chase the younger cats and consent to be chased.

The worry is that we’re getting close to the end. Of course, he may still have many years left in him; he’s always been extremely healthy. His teeth and gums are good. None of the other maladies that have bothered our other rescued pets.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Yo Conto Count

  1. crystal says:

    He does look good ;) My cat Kermit made it to 18 years old but I don’t think she was doing quite as well as he is. She liked to hang around the computer too – maybe they like the breeze of the fan or the warmth of the computer?

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