GDC 272-273: “The importance of an effective co-ordination of catechesis”

The coordination of catechesis will be the topic of the next few posts covering GDC sections 272 through 278. Today, we start by reading about the “The importance of an effective coordination of catechesis.”

272. The co-ordination of catechesis is an important internal responsibility of the local Church. It can be considered:

– from within catechesis itself, through its diverse forms, intended for different ages and social contexts;

– in reference to the link between catechesis and other forms of education in the faith and other evangelizing activities.

The co-ordination of catechesis is not merely a strategic factor, aimed at more effective evangelization, but has a profound theological meaning. Evangelizing activity must be well co-ordinated because it touches on the unity of faith, which sustains all the Church’s actions.

273. The purpose of this section is to consider:

– the internal co-ordination of catechesis, so that the particular Church can offer a coherent and unified catechetical service;

– the link between missionary activity and catechumenal activity—which are mutually dependent—in the context of the mission ad gentes (Redemptoris Missio 33) or of “new evangelization”; (Redemptoris Missio 33)

– the need for well co-ordinated pastoral care in the area of education, taking account of the multiplicity of educators who address themselves to the same recipients, especially children and adolescents.

The Second Vatican Council recommended the co-ordination of all pastoral activity, so that the unity of the particular Church may shine forth all the more.*

* Christus Dominus 17a: “…the various forms of the apostolate should be encouraged. Close collaboration and the co-ordination of all the apostolic works under the direction of the Bishop should be promoted in the diocese as a whole or in parts of it. Thus all the undertakings and organizations, whether their object be catechetical, missionary, charitable, social, family, educational, or any other pastoral end, will act together in harmony, and the unity of the diocese will be more closely demonstrated”.

Good stuff, but not really original or deep.

Do catechists see their ministry as pastoral? I think any minister should see her or his ministry, be it music, liturgy, youth, or what-have-you, as part of a coordinated overall pastoral plan for the parish, deanery, diocese, region, or what-have-you. On a basic level, do we see catechesis as service and relationships, which are at the heart of ministry.

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