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You Can’t Just Haul A Cooler of Wine to Mass

… and come away with a chest of Blood. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz suggests that his supply of vino was … inadvertently blessed by the priest while turning wine into the blood of Christ during the Eucharist. Well, no. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Following Up: Stations of King’s Cross

Two¬† months ago, I blogged on Stations of the King’s Cross, reproductions of paper cuttings depicting the Via Dolorosa for London train travelers. The artist has been in touch and sends this word: On Saturday 26th May an exhibition of … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 17: Celebration Of The Eucharist

They are logical points, but three important aspects of the connection between the dedication rituals and the celebration of the Eucharist: 17. After the altar had been prepared, the bishop celebrates the eucharist, the principal and the most ancient part … Continue reading

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GDC 276-277: “Catechetical activity in the context of new evangelization”

The Church mentions its continuum of missionary proclamation/catechesis/pastoral ministry. Those distinctions have a rough arc, to be sure, but the borders might appear blurred when the Church encounters those who were raised Christian, but have yet to fully awaken in … Continue reading

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White Semifinal 1

Let’s kick off the Spiritual Sixteen, shall we? In the 72-hour voting periods, “Silent Night,” probably the most popular Christmas song in the US, eked out a pair of one vote wins. “Prayer of St Francis,” also identified in hymnal-speak … Continue reading

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