White Semifinal 2

Let’s vote on the other white bracket semifinalists:

An NPM top-25 best known as an art song rather than in the older form of plainsong with the full text, Sacris Solemniis. The final two strophes begin at 3:04 in this media link.

The Easter hymn is a variant of the traditional chant Surrexit Christus. But it’s not the only development from the original. Here’s an English Renaissance setting performed by New York Polyphony.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to White Semifinal 2

  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Hi, just to set the record straight: The setting of Surrexit Christus you’ve linked to was in fact composed by me in 2009; despite its medieval “flavour” it is very much a modern piece. Not that this really matters, just for the interest of your readers.

    Best wishes, Andrew Smith

    • Todd says:

      Thanks, Andrew, for the clarification. I was trying to find a track listing for the NYP cd, but I was unsuccessful. But it’s good to know that today’s composers are standing on very firm ground indeed with art like this.

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