Discussion Bad, Finances Bad, Abuse, Well …

The Holy Father shows he can scoot right quick when the whiff of financial scandal is afoot. Over a million euros vanish. Another bishop conducts a church investigation since last June. The Italian police, too. Interesting that Bishop Francesco Miccichè hasn’t actually been convicted of wrongdoing.

The accused and deposed:

It is clear that my superiors were unable or unwilling to understand what was going on in this diocese, leaving the clergy and especially the people of God at the mercy of petty slander.

Bishop Miccichè spoke of conspiracy “in and outside the Church,” but accepts early retirement “in a spirit of obedience.”

CNA brings up Bishop Bill Morris of Australia, too:

In May 2011, the Pope axed Bishop William Morris from his post in Australian Diocese of Toowoomba. The move followed years of fruitless negotiations aimed at correcting the bishop’s abuses of Church doctrine, governance and liturgy.

I heard it was more about talking about that stuff than actually ordaining women, married men, and celebrating a rite that’s actually in the church’s books. But no matter.

Administrative moves like this, even if Bishop of Trapani is guilty as sin, only underscore the utter lack of initiative taken against those who knowingly shielded sex predators. And got rewarded for it, in many cases. Is the red hat a sort of immunity pill?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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