Apparition Norms

These norms have been out for more than three decades, but only now have they been translated into English. From the preliminary note regarding apparitions, an acknowledgement of the current situation:

Today, more than in the past, news of these apparitions is diffused rapidly among the faithful thanks to the means of information (mass media). Moreover, the ease of going from one place to another fosters frequent pilgrimages, so that Ecclesiastical Authority should discern quickly about the merits of such matters.

A word about “modern mentality,” whatever that means.

On the other hand, modern mentality and the requirements of critical scientific investigation render it more difficult, if not almost impossible, to achieve with the required speed the judgments that in the past concluded the investigation of such matters (constat de supernaturalitate, non constat de supernaturalitate) and that offered to the Ordinaries the possibility of authorizing or prohibiting public cult or other forms of devotion among the faithful.

Why now?

For these reasons, in order that the devotion stirred among the faithful as a result of facts of this sort might manifest itself in full communion with the Church, and bear fruits by which the Church herself might later discern the true nature of the facts, the Fathers judged that in this matter the following procedure should be promoted.

What do you think? Does this publication and accessibility help potential frauds? Grooming can occur in situations where authenticity is not present and a human persuasion of sorts is needed.

Speaking for myself, I’m satisfied with the experience of Jesus Christ in the sacraments and in the Word.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Apparition Norms

  1. FrMichael says:

    As a parish priest who gets a lot of grief calling Medjugore “a probable fraud,” I welcome the translation and publication of the norms.

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