Spiritual Odyssey

An unexpected grace: the pastor asked me to assist with setting up for a special Mass this morning. My city is hosting Odyssey of the Mind, and the father of one of the participants died. The funeral was being celebrated back in Atlanta this morning. For the absent participant and his family, the peers and moderators approached the pastor about having a Mass at the same time as the liturgy back home.

The young miss was a few hours into her Destination Imagination trip to the American southeast last year when we got word her uncle had died. She wanted to come home, but the school’s team was already on its way. My wife and I agreed that it seemed better for her to represent her school–there were only two others on her team. Her absence would likely have scuttled the whole effort. It was also likely that as the only teen among the family members, she would be the default babysitter for at least four young ones. The funeral was celebrated on her birthday, to boot. She still cites that week as “the worst in my life.”

I was praying for her during Mass this morning. I know she didn’t have the opportunity to go to Mass for her uncle last year.

I also experienced something remarkable. Everybody at Mass received Communion under both forms. It was about half adults and half young people. Clearly, these people weren’t from Arizona.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Jen says:

    Oh Lord. What’s going on in AZ now?

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