Halfway to the Faithful Four

We have two of our four finalists in Catholic Sensibility’s 2012 Liturgical Music Dance. “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today” was an easy winner over a Christmas favorite in the White final. “O Come O Come Emmanuel” locked down another spot yesterday as the Violet bracket representative.

Polling is still open today for the Green final as “Ubi Caritas” has a substantial lead on another Christmas song. The Red bracket winner will be decided by Monday morning in a poll that at this moment is too close to call.

Thanks for being good sports about voting and keeping this series light and fluffy compared to the rough-and-tumble world of theology. I’ve been pondering a new format for polling next time. Unlike a one-on-one athletic contest, polling can be done with any number of contestants. I was fiddling around the other week with a mathematically equitable system for seeding and pairing a series of three-way choices. Working backwards from a final three (trinity? triduum?) we’d have a penultimate round of nine (novena? enneagram?). Before that 27. I could expand the initial field to 81, and field reader input on that.

Or we could poll ourselves on our favorite psalm or saying of Jesus. Or a favorite theologian or saint.

Or maybe not.

Three more posts to come: Monday and Tuesday we’ll start whittling it down to the final contest, which I’ll post Friday morning.

Knowing my readership, the ones who comment, and the locations from which you surf here, I’m not surprised that the NPM Songs That Make A Difference did not fare well as a whole. Middle seeds (7 through 10) were songs I think are popular outside of that listing, and reflect more the totality of the Catholic musical experience. Some songs make a difference for us even though we only sing them once a year. Or because they made a big difference when we were younger. Or because ot the text. Or in spite of it, or despite the tune. These sixty-four songs we polled are all good songs, but they are not perfect songs. We keep striving for the perfect, though. Or the very good, or the much better. Nothing wrong with that.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Thanks for doing this, it seems like a lot of work. I can’t tell you how much I have been enjoying the posts and I think I voted each and every time.

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