RDCA II, 36-42: Second Form: Solemn Entrance

The second choice for the first rites of dedication day would be the solemn entrance. RDCA II, 36 gives the standard of judgment:

36. If the procession cannot take place or seems inappropriate, the people assemble at the door of the church to be dedicated, where the relics of the Saints have been placed beforehand.

The ministers certainly will not emerge from the new church.

37. Preceded by the crossbearer, the bishop and the concelebrating priests, the deacons, and the ministers, each in appropriate vestments, approach the church door, where the people are assembled. The door of the church should be closed, and the bishop, concelebrants, deacons, and ministers should approach it from outside.

Most of the rest of the rite is adapted from the first form as follows:

II, 38 gives the same greeting that we studied in II, 30.

Even though there is no procession, the rite instructs that “if it seems appropriate,” Psalm 122 may be sung, as it would be to accompany the procession in II, 31-32.

II, 40-42 is identical to II, 33-35: the presentation by representatives, the procession with music, the entry of the ministers into the sanctuary.

My suggestion would be to focus our discussion on this form, and when and why it might be chosen. Should there be a very strong bias in favor of the procession and adjusted only if the weather is seriously inclement? If the new church property is expansive, does it make sense to start at one corner and move across the land? If the parking lot is so close that most of a “procession” would already have arrived at the church or hadn’t left the starting point, is the purpose of a procession moot?

If the mother church were a few miles away, would it make sense to give people to options? In other words, invite those able to walk a distance to celebrate the procession start, then offer the alternative for others to join the liturgy “in progress” at the new church?

For a “short” procession option, might I suggest a rule of thumb that if the minority of people at the church will be walking and the majority at the first or second station, it might make more sense to opt for form two?

Second form music outside the church is optional. What do you think of that? If you decline to sing outside, which psalm should get priority for the procession into the new building: 122 or 24?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to RDCA II, 36-42: Second Form: Solemn Entrance

  1. I suspect weather would be a major consideration here, especially in more northern climates where rain, snow, and ice would be a consideration. In the commentary on the rite, it was envisioned that this would be the more commonly celebrated form of entrance. Also, I suspect overall this entrance might be used if the church has already been used for celebrations (in which case the Rite in Chapter III is used instead).

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