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Another Day of Civic Duty

I wish I had known about being an election official years ago. I’d been waiting to get on jury duty forever. But at my older brother’s encouragement, I volunteered to work the 2008 elections after I moved back to Iowa. … Continue reading

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The Faithful Four: In Praise of God

Polling for the other Faithful Four pairing is proceeding. I need to get this piece up today, so take three days to determine the other finalist.

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Seeing Water Flow

World News Australia reports more Vatican leaks, even though the butler is detained. Maybe he’s masterminding the whole thing from his police holding cell. Who else is named in webs of deceit? Cardinal Bertone. Monsignor Georg Gänswein, the pope’s personal … Continue reading

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The Faithful Four: A Paschal Mystery Match-Up

Our Faithful Four are set. Today’s match-up suggests that the Paschal Mystery is very much at the center of Catholic consciousness. I suspect readers here are more aware of it than casual Catholics. I’ve re-seeded the finals based on initial … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 48: Sprinkling Rite, Blessing Prayer

A sprinkling rite is designated for the dedication of a church after the conclusion of any form of entrance: 48. When the entrance rite is completed, the Bishop blesses the water for sprinkling the people as a sign of repentance … Continue reading

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