Another Day of Civic Duty

I wish I had known about being an election official years ago. I’d been waiting to get on jury duty forever. But at my older brother’s encouragement, I volunteered to work the 2008 elections after I moved back to Iowa. I never felt more of an American as on that day. I’ve gotten the call to do the party primaries June 5th. Not being a member of either major party, I can’t vote tomorrow. But I’m happy to facilitate the voting for others.

That being said, I’ll likely miss blogging for the first time this calendar year. As you see below, I’ve put up the other Faithful Four post.

Don’t forget about the transit of Venus tomorrow. I won’t be able to join the local astronomy club for it, but I’m bringing binoculars and a white sheet of paper to the polling place so I can look in on the last Sun-Venus-Earth alignment till 2117. 5pm Eastern time, if I remember right. Hope it’s sunny where you are.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Another Day of Civic Duty

  1. Always a wonderful experience. I have done it up in Canada for both our federal and provincial elections and always feel like a special part of the orderly transition of power that exist in our rather unique system up here.

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