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Thank You, CDF

In the second Christian millennium, a CDF condemnation would get you the rack. Today, it allows you to rack up sales. I read where the Franciscans have offered a public statement of support for the LCWR. Rome becomes the agent … Continue reading

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Post 8000

Thanks for the visits, daily and occasional. I especially appreciate the commentary, especially the people who disagree and keep me on my toes. Some interesting statistics for you … Your comments: over 14,000 Pieces of spam blocked: almost a quarter … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Alliances?

My conservative foils in the Catholic blogosphere will probably howl over this one, but I once worked with a fairly liberal priest who told me I had a credibility issue with the parish’s lesbian and gay parishioners. I shrugged and … Continue reading

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The Dance Final

Here we are: the final contest for the most popular sacred song among readers on this web site.¬†And trust me; it’s not anything less or more than that. I would not have guessed these two pieces of music would have … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 53-56: Liturgy of the Word

Numbered sections 53-56 in Chapter II outline the events to take place during the Liturgy of the Word. Before the first word of scripture is uttered, the bishop has something to say: 53. The proclamation of the word of God … Continue reading

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