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Get Over Dan Brown, Already

Cardinal Bertone is upset with the press. Many journalists play at imitating Dan Brown. They continue to invent fables or repeat legends. Leaks are not legends. Mr Brown is an author of fiction. He makes oodles of money from book sales and … Continue reading

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Sporting KC

Three weeks later, I’m still slightly abuzz with fond memories from my MLS outing with the young miss. We’ve been following Euro 2012–actually, it’s been more her, with me getting text updates at work after every goal. As a fan … Continue reading

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Mystery Or Not

Are you satisfied with the pope’s message to Irish Catholics? How are we to explain the fact that people who regularly received the Lord’s body and confessed their sins in the sacrament of Penance have offended in this way? It … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 79-82: Inauguration of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Numbered sections 53-56 in Chapter II outline the events to take place during the Liturgy of the Word. Before the first word of scripture is uttered, the bishop has something to say: 79. The inauguration of a chapel where the … Continue reading

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