Sporting KC

Three weeks later, I’m still slightly abuzz with fond memories from my MLS outing with the young miss. We’ve been following Euro 2012–actually, it’s been more her, with me getting text updates at work after every goal.

As a fan venue, Livestrong Sporting Park is amazing. I’ve been to NFL games in a few different cities. Baseball in a lot more. College football. I can’t ever remember such an exquisite and chilling experience as I had in Kansas City. As a cynic about professional sports, I’m amazed I’m writing that.

Part of it is the sharing of a special experience with my daughter–the day before her 16th birthday. There are really no words that capture the whole thing. Not even my clumsy panorama of the stadium:


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Sporting KC

  1. David D. says:

    I like the panoramic shot. At this point, I think most of the MLS sides play their home matches at soccer specific stadia with appropriate seating capacities and dimensions. I’m also impressed by the prevalence of organized supporters groups associated with the various MLS sides. How are the ticket prices?

    For me, especially as a Man City supporter over the past 15 year, I doubt I’ll again witness a sporting event half as glorious as this:

  2. Todd says:

    We paid $50 for our “30 yard line” seats. Worth every penny. I should point out that the panorama was taken about 40 minutes before the opening kick. The stadium was packed–about 20,000–for the game. A totally different atmosphere from watching this team in a football stadium, or the many NASL games I saw in the 70’s in Rochester. I’d easily go back once a year or more, even if it were a 250-mile drive down, watch the game, and drive back that night.

    The young miss was disappointed about that Man City QPR ending. She roots for Man United. But also Everton because she likes Tim Howard.

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