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Free Fr Frank?

RNS  linked the Amarillo press on Fr Frank Pavone’s ongoing tussle with his bishop. The Priests For Life celeb hit up the Congregation of Clergy, and while Priests for Life and other anti-abortion folks are generally in rejoice mode on … Continue reading

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A few quick things about the SCOTUS ruling. Some, but not all opponents of health care insurance have had a field day with innuendo, caricature, and outright lies, I’m going to suspend my opposition to ACA (for being too conservative … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Juana Inés de la Cruz

As a response to the US Bishops’ Fortnight for Freedom, I’ve invited a few friends to supply appropriate essays on women who have exemplified the faith in the face of persecution, even at the hands of religious authorities. Today, my … Continue reading

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RDCA IV, 6-8: Erecting an Altar

Sections 6 through 11 of this chapter address how an altar is built and presented in a church. 6. It is desirable that in every church there be a fixed altar and that in other places set apart for sacred … Continue reading

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