RDCA IV, 17-19: Parts of the Rite

A quick post today with brief comments on the introductory rites …

A. Introductory Rites

17. The introductory rites of the Mass of the dedication of an altar take place in the usual way except that in place of the penitential rite the bishop blesses water and with it sprinkles the people and the new altar.

Note that the rite of sprinkling is always done at this Mass, and that the altar is sprinkled here, during the introductory rites.

B. Liturgy of the Word

18. It is commendable to have three readings in the liturgy of the word, chosen, according to the rubrical norm, either from the liturgy of the day (see no. 15) or from those in the Lectionary for the rite of the dedication of an altar (nos. 704 and 706).

19. After the readings, the bishop gives the homily, in which he explains the biblical readings and the meaning of the dedication of an altar.

After the homily, the profession of faith is said. The general intercessions are omitted, since the Litany of the Saints is sung in their place.

We’ll get to the details of these rites after the introduction, chapter IV is complete.

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