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Msgr Lynn Stays Imprisoned

Judge Sarmina denies the defense request to allow Msgr William Lynn to await sentencing while under house arrest. Defense attorney Thomas Bergstrom: If he were any other defendant he’d be out on bail. I don’t think he should be treated … Continue reading

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Beef and Chicken

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo’s WaPo commentary on nuns, bus, bishops, and gas didn’t quite hit the spot for me. Granted, like him and the sisters, I’m concerned about religious freedom, even as my supervisors frame it. I think the bishops were the … Continue reading

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CCTLS 2: Vatican II and Sacred Music

Liam suggested we take a peek at this document, issued one century after Pope Pius X released his motu proprio on sacred music, Tra Le Sollecitudini. Today, from Pope John Paul II’s chirograph, a look at the heritage of Vatican … Continue reading

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RDCA IV, 24-25: Adaptation of the Rite

As is true of all rites, adaptations are possible at the judgment of the conference of bishops, and others at the judgment of the minister. The fourth section of this chapter details proper adaptations: Adaptations within the Competence of the … Continue reading

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