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Funeral Lectionary: Psalm 143:1-2, 5-6, 7ab+8ab, 10

I’ve never played a funeral or attended one in which Psalm 143 was chosen. I suspect many planners stop at the 23rd and look no further. Or draw on the more commonly used settings of other psalms–the 143rd does not … Continue reading

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CCTLS 3: John Paul II’s Support for Sacred Music

We continue a look at Pope John Paul II’s chirograph. Today, yet another endorsement for active participation. And more, “intense” participation. 3. On various occasions I too have recalled the precious role and great importance of music and song for … Continue reading

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RDCA IV, 26: Pastoral Preparation

PartĀ five of chapter IV is brief, just this one numbered section, but I think it gives us a good springboard for discussing within the parish how to prepare people for the celebration: 26. The people are to be informed in … Continue reading

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