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Archbishop Müller on Liberals, Stupidity

From the Religion News Service, this transcribed interview of new CDF head Archbishop Müller with the Mittelbayerische Zeitung. (Cathcon, however, doesn’t provide links to the original. I would love to check the translation in a language I actually know.) They quiz … Continue reading

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CCTLS 6: Music in the Liturgical Reform

John Paul II offers a look at the intersection of liturgical music and conciliar reform in section 6 of this document. When he writes “music and song,” what does he mean, do you suppose? Accompaniment and melody? Music and text? … Continue reading

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RDCA IV, 40-48: Word and Dedication

The rest of the rite for the dedication of an altar consists of the Liturgy of the Word (40-42) followed by the extended rituals of dedication and anointings. I won’t belabor the particulars until we get to the dedication prayer, which … Continue reading

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The World Watches Archbishop Robert Bezák

Who is this guy? Australia’s CathNews cites “fury” as it links The Tablet. One blogger (who persists in calling bishops “Msgr”) seems to be happy about it. If I follow the whole line of reasoning … the previous archbishop was … Continue reading

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