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Another Polar Vortex

The Cassini probe spotted a vortex over Titan’s south pole. It’s now early spring in Titan’s southern hemisphere. Cassini will be watching seasonal changes carefully for the next several years. This is not unique to dense atmospheres in the solar … Continue reading

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On Concelebration

I see where Cardinal Burke has uttered against excessive concelebration at a liturgy conference in Ireland. A generation ago, it would have been taken as a progressive matter among liturgists. He has his reasons, of course: I don’t think there should … Continue reading

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Colloquium Headlines at CNS

Allow me to scoop my sisters and brothers at CMAA if they want to pull out of the infighting over the St Augustine Hymnal to note they got top feature at CNS today. One cathedral parishioner: They sing like angels. … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Luke 23:33, 39-43

Jesus, remember me: this would be one of the most recognizable quotes of the Gospel. The text is sung at funerals more than it is proclaimed. I know of at least two adaptations of the Taize refrain, adding verses, to … Continue reading

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CCTLS 7: Gregorian Chant and Other Kinds of Music

The past two days we’ve covered John Paul II’s take on the three judgments in his chirograph, issued one century after Pope Pius X released his motu proprio on sacred music, Tra Le Sollecitudini. Today, from Pope John Paul II’s … Continue reading

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RDCA IV, 49-56: Anointing, Incensing, Lighting

After the dedication prayer, the altar is anointed (49). Two possible psalms accompany this action (50-51): the 45th outside of the Easter season (updated to verses 1-8 in the 2003 draft), and the 118th (with verses 1, 16-18, 21-27), for … Continue reading

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