RDCA IV, 49-56: Anointing, Incensing, Lighting

After the dedication prayer, the altar is anointed (49). Two possible psalms accompany this action (50-51): the 45th outside of the Easter season (updated to verses 1-8 in the 2003 draft), and the 118th (with verses 1, 16-18, 21-27), for any day between the Triduum and Pentecost. When the bishop is done (52) he returns to the chair, sits, washes hands, and removes the gremial.

The altar is then incensed (53) in one of two ways: a brazier or a heap of incense is placed on the altar. The bishop lights these. The 2003 translation makes interesting note next of the bishop lighting “some” thuribles (note the plural). The altar is incensed, presumably as the bishop makes a circuit, though this is not designated. He returns to the chair, where he is incensed. Then a minister incenses the people. Psalm 138 (with verses 1-6)or “another appropriate liturgical song” is sung.

The altar is then wiped, then covered with a cloth (54). The candles at the altar are lit by the deacon (55). The designated antiphon (56) is:

With you, O Lord, is the fountain of life; and in your light we shall see light.

The ritual does not attribute the psalm, but it is the 36th.

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