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Further: Beyond The Threshold

About three-quarters of the way through Chris Roberson’s Further: Beyond The Threshold I got the distinct impression I was reading a pilot episode for a Star Trek copycat: a starship with a crew of very unlike people thrown together to … Continue reading

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RDCA V, 20-22: Blessing of the Altar

The opening prayer cites, “Lord, bless this church …” and so today’s sections 20-22 address in text the Blessing of the Altar. But also a little bit more. 20. Then the bishop goes to bless the altar. Meanwhile the following … Continue reading

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Catholic Confidence

Over the years, I’ve frequently tussled with conservative/traditionalist Catholics about the response to Vatican II. Almost always, I encounter the hell-in-a-handbasket stance, that’s it’s all been downhill since Vatican II. But the polling, at least here in the States, doesn’t … Continue reading

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CCTLS 11: Popular Religious Song

I had to go back to see what Sacrosanctum concilium said about “popular religious song” to get to the bottom of what John Paul II was trying to tell us, referring to this term. I confess I still don’t get … Continue reading

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I linked to Commonweal a few weeks ago about Padre Alejandro Solalinde’s true life battle for religious freedom. Unlike American prelates, many Christians around the world are facing far more serious threats. Also unlike some prelates, this particular Christian seems … Continue reading

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