RDCA V, 23-28: Blessing a Church, Liturgy of the Eucharist

After the altar is blessed, it is dressed with a cloth and decorated with flowers (V, 23). Candles are lit and used, “if need be, the cross.” The bishop then receives the gifts at the chair (V, 24), and the same antiphons or “appropriate song” as we saw in IV, 57 for the dedication of an altar.

There may be a situation in which the altar was already dedicated, but moved–in this instance (V, 25) incense may be used. Otherwise if the altar was dedicated (IV, 43-56) with just the blessing of the church, then neither gifts nor altar are incensed at this time–it would have already taken place in IV, 53.

If a blessed sacrament chapel is inaugurated (V, 26) then it takes place according to II, 79-82 after communion. The blessing (V, 27) is the same as in the dedication of a church, II, 84 or the dedication of a church in use, III, 39. Finally, the deacon dismisses the people (V, 28).

This completes the Mass for the blessing of a church. Before we move on to blessing an altar, chalice, and paten, any comments? Looks like just five more posts in this series.

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