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RNS on Ross

Ross Douthat’s takedown of liberal Christianity is itself given a brisk one-two in the gut by Mark Silk and Daniel Burke at RNS. Mr Douthat is smarter than this: As a result, today the Episcopal Church looks roughly how Roman … Continue reading

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CCTLS 13: Commissions and Other Groups

Pope John Paul II advises support for the bishops to make good discernments in the efforts of promoting sacred music: 13. Lastly, I would like to recall what St Pius X disposed at the practical level so as to encourage … Continue reading

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Christian World

Would these numbers surprise you? Of the world’s 2.18 billionĀ  Christians, about one-fourth live in Europe. A bit more than one-third live in the Americas. About one-quarter live in sub-Saharan Africa. One-eighth live in Asia. From the Pew Forum. Comparing … Continue reading

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RDCA VI: Blessing of an Altar

If you’ve been following this rite with us, some of these considerations have already been addressed in the rites for dedicating a church (RDCA, chapter II) and the dedication of an altar (chapter IV). There is a seven-section introduction for … Continue reading

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