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What Conspiracy?

Ralph Cipriano did a marvelous job covering the sickening sex abuse and cover-up trial in Philadelphia. Up today is a post with some commentary from one of the jurors. She also participates in the thread that follows. This comment about … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Matthew 5:1-12a

(This is Fran’s contribution, who blogs here and here.) This well-known and well-loved passage seems to be rarely chosen for a funeral Gospel in my experience. I’m not really sure why that is. The words paint a very clear picture … Continue reading

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OCM Introduction A: Reform of the Graduale Romanum

I want to note the kind contribution of Richard Chonak who translated the Latin original of the second edition (1988). He has given us generous permission to review this document on this site in our vernacular. Hopefully we’ll all gain some insights … Continue reading

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Taking Bridal Imagery Too Far

Be forewarned about some inappropriate marriage imagery in the following text and links … CitE* Watch, courtesy of Whispers: roccopalmo In Vespers preach, +Chaput to his Denver successor: “You’re marrying a beautiful bride…. And I’m overjoyed to pass the baton … Continue reading

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