Taking Bridal Imagery Too Far

Be forewarned about some inappropriate marriage imagery in the following text and links …

CitE* Watch, courtesy of Whispers:

roccopalmo In Vespers preach, +Chaput to his Denver successor: “You’re marrying a beautiful bride…. And I’m overjoyed to pass the baton to you.”

roccopalmo +Chaput at +Aquila Vespers: “I return to my former wife, who tomorrow will be marrying somebody else. And I’m supposed to be happy about it”

The awkward humor grates for two reasons here. The prevalance of careerism among bishops is really something of a minor scandal. Isn’t it gratifying to think that any diocese, except Rome, could get jilted at any time? Yet some still persist in using marriage imagery for their own convenience. A metaphor is a fine thing, really. It loosens us from the bindings of literalism, and injects something of a higher plane of meaning when we speak of things of the spirit, especially the mystery of love. There is no mystery in transferring a bishop from the Dakotas to Denver. There is no love. no lifelong commitment. Through the US nuncio, the pope and his Congregation of Bishops calls. Speaking of the CB, that’s where another American serial monogamist has a seat.

Lifelong celibates making jokes about marriage and tossing in metaphor about which they know nothing. Honestly, bishops: keep your paws off our sacrament. Stick with what Jesus preached. You jest about marriage and I think of cable tv shows.

For the record, the list of starter wives in this company:

most recently divorced

the wife who in recent years never seems to lack a high-profile spouse

another spurned Dakota wife

* Careerism in the episcopacy


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Taking Bridal Imagery Too Far

  1. Jen says:

    It feels like transferring property, an issue with marriage and women that needs to finally die. (Although it hangs on in some circles still.)

  2. crystal says:

    I agree with Jen – it seems to be the language of dominance.

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