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Sleepless Before Skedaddle

The morning before a trip, I always wake early. It was 2:30AM today. We’re off to the Twin Cities in a few hours for a few days of vacay. Eventually, we’ll jettison the young miss to the camp bus on … Continue reading

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OCM Introduction C: Neo-Gregorian Melodies

Perhaps a musical expert can tell us where the dividing line is between the authentic and the imitation: Moreover the removal of pieces that display later, neo-gregorian imitations, particularly in the feasts of the Saints, has made it possible that … Continue reading

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General Intercessions

General Intercessions, Universal Prayer, Petitions, Prayers of the Faithful–I like the last of these synonyms for one of three indispensable liturgical reforms mentioned by Georgia Masters Keightley in her article in the July 2012 edition of Worship. I’ve noted with interest … Continue reading

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