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Space Aquarium

I see the astronauts at the International Space Station are getting pets of sorts. More than pet fish, really. These little guys will help researchers determine the progress of bone and muscle loss in a microgravity (weightless) environment. That’s the … Continue reading

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More Bishops Said, LCWR Said

Bishop Leonard Blair got some radio and CNS time this week, chatting about the LCWR: If by dialogue they mean that the doctrines of the church are negotiable and the bishops represent one position and the LCWR presents another position, … Continue reading

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OCM Introduction 4-6: Readings and Psalms

After the Gloria, catch a quick breath; the Liturgy of the Word awaits. You did know that the readings may be sung, right? 4. When there are two readings before the Gospel, the first reading, which is usually taken from … Continue reading

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