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Albany Clergy Challenge

… both the CDF and the LCWR to offer an example to the world on how disagreement and misunderstanding are handled. From the letter: We pray for a successful outcome of the mutual dialogue that will occur between your leadership, … Continue reading

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Snapshots For The New Evangelization: Korea

We have a handful of Korean students at the student center. I’ve come to know a few of them, those involved in liturgical ministry. It’s always interesting to hear how faith has developed for different people in different cultures. My … Continue reading

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OCM Introduction 9-12: Liturgy of the Word, Two Readings

As always, I┬ánote the kind contribution of┬áRichard Chonak who translated the Latin original of the second edition (1988). Today, we look at the situation when there are two readings, not three, in the Liturgy of the Word: 9. When there … Continue reading

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LCWR Response Coming Soon

Laurie Goodstein at the NYT has a feature up this weekend on the upcoming LCWR meeting and the response to come from a summer of discernment. I guess my own summer has been roaring by; I didn’t realize the moment … Continue reading

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